How to customize commercial roll-up doors?


Without a doubt, commercial roll-up doors are an excellent option to guarantee the security of your business. In case you have self storage doors, they don’t have to be the exception and they don’t have to be boring, you can customize them either with an image design or logos to make it different and at the same time, your business is easy to recognize.

Commercial roll up doors have several functions, which go beyond the security of your store, business, or warehouse itself. This type of door is the letter of introduction of your establishment, so adding some detail will make the customer recognize your business much faster.

It is very common to go to the mall at a specific time when the stores are closed, and even if they are, it is easy to identify them because they usually have on their roll-up doors the logo, the name of the store, an image related to your product, and even their opening hours.

Milled designs

With a milling machine it is possible to carve different images or designs on different materials. Through the milling technique, it is possible to drill deep into the channels of the roll-up door.

By milling the roll-up door, it is possible to engrave on them the logos of the store or company, images related to the services provided by the store or business, and much more.

Personalizing the roll-up door of your business or store with the milling technique will make what you engrave on it more durable, so you won’t need to do it as often.

Sublimation designs

If you have decided to customize your roll-up door, another technique that you can also use is the sublimation technique. For this, it is advisable to hire professionals to do it.

This technique consists of engraving images on the roll-up doors using high temperatures and pressure. Basically, the ink on these doors is subjected to more than 150 degrees, passing it to a gaseous state and then to a liquid state that will become the image you have previously designed.

By not allowing the ink to evaporate, it will cause the design to be stamped onto the aluminum of the roll-up door, resulting in high resolution images.

Different finishes and colors

Regardless of whether the roll-up door is made of aluminum or metal, the techniques mentioned above can result in different textures, finishes and colors.

The fact that you can have your roll-up door made in any color or finish will allow you to match your door with the entire corporate image of your brand or business.

In addition, you can also use plain finishes for a more classic look, or experiment with textured finishes that will certainly set you apart from other stores.

Many companies invest in the customization of their rolling doors because in addition to providing security and safety to your business, it is also a way to advertise your brand even when your store is closed.

Remember that in addition to being functional, the rolling doors will be the face or the door of your business, so giving a good impression will be essential for your customers to return satisfied with the image you have given them.


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