6 Great Plant Décor Ideas You Need to Try Out


Plant décor has made a fantastic return as a major aesthetic on major social media platforms. You don’t have to be a plant lover to get plant décor, nor do you have to get natural plants to accessorize your home. There is a lot of inspiration to pick up from and turn your home into a beautiful indoor-outdoor vibey place. One of the current most popular plant decors is the fake vines for room which give one of the best and most unique vibes compared to other plant decorations.

The plant makes your personal space look more homely and comfortable and produces the same effect as being in nature. They are a healthy bedroom décor that can significantly reduce stress and loneliness while giving your home a great aesthetic. Some fake plants also come with other accessories like LED lights which might come in handy at certain seasons or nights.

Plant Décor Ideas to Try Out

1. Fake Vines Décor

This kind of decoration has a lot of ways you can style it to achieve a unified look. The most common one is letting the veins flow over your wall to form line-like structures over your bedroom wall. You can also bend the veins of things like mirrors or shelves and leave some dangling freely. It adds a unique pop to the vibe of your home.

2. Window Sill Storage

For this décor, you need to have your plants in ceramic containers of different sizes, shapes, and colors by the window. The trick is to blend all those different types together to make them look messy and nature-like. For minimalists, you can try adding a plant or two since a chaotic vibe is not something you’d love.

3. Shelving Plants

Plant enthusiasts mostly use this décor method to store as many plants as possible. The sides of your shelf can contain the veiny plants while you stack the shelves with all kinds of plants you want. You can lay the plants by themselves on the shelf or use brown pottery, which adds to the woody cabin vibe.

4. Use Headboards

You can place one shelf above your bed or any place and set lighter pottery plants there. It is essential to ensure that the headboard is strong enough to support the pots. In addition, you can add some veins to the headboard and let them drip over to give them a fantastic look.

5. Honeycomb Shelves

Hexagon-shaped shelves combined with small plants produce a great piece of art on your home walls. You can add other home accessories like candles and decorative stones to achieve the desired look.

6. Hooked Illusions

Attaching your pots to some unnoticeable hooks on the wall gives an illusion of hanging in the air. This illusion is an excellent minimalist decoration since it does not require you to be messy with veins and other things.


Modern décor has evolved in many ways, and plant décor is one of the trendiest pieces of decoration you need to take on. They can suit both minimalist and messy vibe lovers and add significant benefits to your home. The best part is you get to use fake plant décor and achieve the same look as natural live plants. Bringing the outdoor vibe to your home with plants is a great way to keep the house vibrant and fun.


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